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What are "Ecosystem Spoons"?

"Ecosystem Spoons" are the relational pathways of support that are often numbed or hidden within daily ways of sensing. We are living in a society where there is a near-universal deficit of "spoons," as people are navigating exhaustion within a dominant culture shaped by overriding the discernment of the body, dissociating from the wider contexts of our relatedness, and feeling immense isolation because of a lack of authentic nutrients.

The Ecosystem Spoons Course emerged out of a year of intensive practice with an online somatic support group for people who are living with energetic sensitivity, chronic illness, and/or neurodiversity that requires them to slow down to a different rhythm of reality underneath the pushing through of the dominant culture.

Through sensing into pathways of support beyond the rational human mind, Ecosystem Spoons offers an embodied experience of the way that perception can begin to shift when a wider sense of holding is possible. Through over 9 hours of course materials, Ecosystem Spoons will start to teach your nervous system to access primordial nourishment through simple attentional and expressive practices. Participants will learn to attune to the primal intelligence of your animal bodies, the support of nature beings and deep time ancestors, deepen your access to states of rest and play, and grow more spaciousness for curiosity and creative responsiveness even when encountering discomfort.

Relational Framing for Ecosystem Spoons:

  • This is a container for accompanying each other on our journeys as sensitive bodies experiencing shifting textures of limitation and capacity.

  • We are committed to trusting the innate wisdom of each person’s system in how they’ve learned to exist given the context of their lives.

  • We agree to release any focus on “fixing” or “problem solving” for ourselves or other participants within the context of this container. If we notice “the field of fixing” coming up in ourselves or others, we will gently practice naming that this field is present and reorient back towards being with what is.

  • This is not a space for “healing” or forcing any kind of change or improvement, it is a space where we can invite our systems to notice what is already present (including what may be hidden or obscured through habitual patterns), to subtly orient towards possible sensations of support and nourishment, and to let this gentle curiosity reshape us in the just right way for our systems at each moment in time.

  • Within their capacity in the moment, each participant commits to tracking their own inner experience and “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” through the group. If there are moments of dissonance that come up within your system, you can pause or stop at any point.

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If $30/month is out of your financial means, please reach out for a scholarship.

Feedback from previous participants:

"It was the most profoundly supportive space I have experienced in forever."

Time slowed down during our group in a way that felt deeply calming and restorative. There is so much that I struggle to access on my own and the regular, loving reminder from you that that makes total sense and is an ok place to be right now felt so supportive and helpful to my often pressure-full system. The potent magic of the group container helped me reconnect to the wider web in ways that have been holding me on my own, even in moments when I am having trouble connecting, because my body remembers more of what's possible now, and more of what's real and available...The guided time in our bodies was soooo helpful and dynamic. As I turn my energy back towards myself and divine energy and all the ecosystems of which I am a part for the first time in years, I feel really intimidated and out of my league sometimes. The way you guided us and also the topics you dove into throughout the groups felt really accessible and unintimidating, even as the subject matter was experientially complex and profound. I felt SO supported in Ecosystem Spoons! " 

—Parker Rice

"Powerful group container, experientially nourishing."

I have a deeper felt sense of being held by the larger field. Helpful on multiple levels. I was amazed by the depth of connection expressed and experienced by all across a wide variety of locations through Zoom. The power of community cannot be overstated!"

— Patti Gmeiner

"I LOVED it! It felt warm, welcoming, gentle, and supportive."

I’m so grateful for the threads that lead me to Ecosystem Spoons. It has felt really special to find a space to explore the nuances and complexities of living with invisible illness/sensitivities, alongside others who are interested in outlooks and approaches other than the clinical/medical.  I could feel the cohesion growing over the weeks and my appreciation for the group grew week on week too....Sharing and feedback from other group members gave me an insight in real-time into the energies, emotions and messages that were alive in my own system, which helped to bring some clarity and ease...The group sat really well alongside my own practice and helped to facilitate a gradual and general shifting and settling..."

—Susie Crampton

"A support group for the chronically ill that doesn’t turn into a fix fest or victimpalooza or the ghosts of abelism - praise be!"

This feels like a nourishing counter point to the systems and cultures we currently try to survive in. Dancing with ways to pull these ways of engaging into everyday life." —Kate Munson


  • Bree Greenberg Benjamin for her maturation model of uncoupling from dependency systems and attuning to relationship with erotic life force.

  • Larissa Kaul for their guided animist practices within the Animist Arts patreon playground, especially You Feeling Me Feeling You, which are the inspiration for much of how I invoke ecological and ancestral supports and guide somatic process.

  • Liz Koch for her teachings on attunement to subtle movement towards nourishment and fluidity, as well as the sense of landing and locating, following the biointelligence of our animal bodies.

And many more teachers and modalities who you can read about here.

Join the Mycelium Membership to access Ecosystem Spoons:

If $30/month is out of your financial means, please reach out for a scholarship.