Image by Damir Omerović

Greetings, human who is also a fractal ecosystem.

I welcome your animal body, your ancestors, all the relationships that sustain your life, the land you are on, the original peoples of that land, and the land that your people come from. May all wise coherent earth and deep time ancestor beings support us in connecting to Original Belonging and Creative Response-ability within relationship.

My practice is steeped in the form of perception known as animism, which has been "normative consciousness" for most of the history of our human relatives.


Animism for me means connecting to the fields of receptivity and felt sense awareness that welcome us into a sense of Original Belonging, allowing us to engage in Creative Response-ability that "retissues the gaps" of our relatedness. 

I approach animism through the nervous system, body sensation, creative expression, and tuning into relationship with wider ecological and ancestral bodies of support.

Two main influences for my work are learnings from Animist Arts (Dare Sohei and Larissa Kaul) and Core Awareness (Liz Koch), who share a common focus on connecting to a felt sense of support that can allow for more subtle presence and the metabolization of “threat” without needing to ruminate on trying to “fix the trauma" or find the "peak experience of healing."


My practice also weaves together learnings from constellations, poetics, clowning, grief ritual, and systems intelligence as well as the oracular guidance of ecological beings and deep time ancestors.

I’m currently working on Long Body Prayers, a thesis project to “describe’ the patterns I’m learning around animist perception and am creating a fledging framework to support colonially-challenged humans such as myself in reconnecting to a felt sense of wider body support.