There is a primary energetic field from which all life is sourced. This field is a forming consciousness, a weblike structure of relational tissues that are shaping all the patterns of reality.

When our perception is tuned towards this primal web of unseen presence, there is a tangible ground orienting us, a resonance that opens us to movement, possibility, and play.

You're waiting for something.

That space without need for contortion.

A space to hold the vastness of the dreaming.

Where what you know can be embodied and can move into form.

This is potency. This is potentiation.

When the creation takes you.

A portal into deeper presence where nothing is put in and yet there is an increasing of the space around you. Where you can actually breathe more deeply. You can slow down. Where you don't have to know anymore because you can feel your way through the space and the silence. Where there’s room for you to exist both in your glorious irrational complexity and what is immanent beneath all of the noise that is so fucking simple and piercing and true.

You're waiting for the conditions that allow you to move without exile.

You are essential to your creative process: your wellbeing, your intimacy, your satiation and presence and nourishment.

And it is this deep attunement to the intimacy of your own beingness that allows you to really play.

You are the material your art is shaping into life.

"Underneath the underneath is the place where realities connect, where gravity curls inwards to embrace remembering, where you will know the clear tangibility of truth only through its intersections with others’ risking story. Narrative disintegrates into this primal sea awash with storm wrecked certainties and decomposing paradoxes. The truth is in the in between, vibrating between intricate patterns of crossed threads, order springing from the touched places resonating across distance into trust."

Long Body Prayers: An Animist Oracle

Relational Field Consulting