There are two paths.

The Path of Doing

  • A pervasive sense of urgency and scarcity, which makes it hard to pause or replenish

  • Striving to control reality, ambiguity is deeply uncomfortable

  • Ricocheting between numbing and intense feelings of isolation

  • Pressure on the individual to create the conditions for their survival through effort and force

  • Trying to do things for other people or "fix them" to avoid the pain of seeing them struggle

  • Dissociated from body or flooded by overwhelming sensitivity, chasing peak experiences


The Path of Being

  • An ability to relax back into slowing down, trusting right timing

  • An allowing of the emergent and unknown

  • A presence with diverse textures of emotion, supported by ecosystemic belonging

  • Attention is tuned to mutual flourishing, actions arising from ease and flow

  • Moving from sovereign discernment, present with others in the complexity of their own journeys

  • In a space of attuned somatic awareness, guided by primal intelligence

When Doing arises from a ground of Being, other possibilities for nourishment and creativity can emerge.

My name is Shante' Sojourn Zenith.

I am a carrier of Soft Power, the embodied resonance that supports people to choose and then walk the path of Being.

The presence that infuses my field is subtle, an orientation towards attunement and deep listening, a practice of pausing and slowing down to really experience “what is" and ground with people in deeper layers of reality beneath the cognitive.

My work is to locate and support the movement of aliveness within bodies and wider systems, amplifying the flow of life force through deep belonging, primordial nourishment, and creative expression.

Creative Emergence Consultations

Creative Emergence 1-1 sessions offer support for grounding and somatic nourishing, navigating chronic illness and energetic sensitivity, connection to land and ancestors, emergent ritual, nervous system resourcing and ecological perception, and support for all stages of the creative process.

In my group and 1-1 containers, I work with delicate systems who are needing a lot of softness. I guide them in creating a supportive membrane for their processes of metamorphosis, teaching the tissuing of relationships that gives our animal bodies permission to become.

The people who find me are always on some form of initiatory journey into a deeper relationship with their soul expression, which often includes experiences in their daily life that seem to be irrationally difficult, and identity-dissolving that is not contextualized within dominant culture. With this intensity of experience often comes pervasive loneliness and a deep longing to rest back into a wider web of support.

Through deep listening and presence with what is, I catalyze relationship to ecosystemic belonging, supporting the movement of the primal intelligence that nourishes the roots of the tree of life—our sense of discerning center and radiant soul essence.

I am one of the weavers, tissuing relationship between humans and the unseen realm of ancestors and nature beings, making the primordial web palpable to colonized nervous systems who have been dissociated from the depths of their belonging.

I tend reality become fluid, become pattern, become the fullness of life force.

Gravity and wyrd.

Nursing essence like a flame.

"Underneath the underneath is the place where realities connect, where gravity curls inwards to embrace remembering, where you will know the clear tangibility of truth only through its intersections with others’ risking story. Narrative disintegrates into this primal sea awash with storm wrecked certainties and decomposing paradoxes. The truth is in the in between, vibrating between intricate patterns of crossed threads, order springing from the touched places resonating across distance into trust."

Long Body Prayers: An Animist Oracle

I started a substack to share writing excerpts from Make Your Body the Prayer, the thesis project that I recently finished for my degree in Embodiment Studies. If you subscribe to the substack, you'll receive weekly installments of my thesis project directly to your email inbox:

Make Your Body the Prayer is a somatic, systemic, and eco-poetic journey tissuing the edge between nervous system and ecosystem. This thesis invites colonially-shaped humans to deepen into a sense of embodied relationality through shifting the epistemology of self to include ecological and ancestral sources of support. Linking nervous system approaches such as interpersonal neurobiology and polyvagal theory with practices around systems intelligence and creative expression, I draw on my direct experiences of relationship with earth, ancestors, and animal body to describe a trans-generational maturational process of remembering. A liminal interweaving of essays, poetry, and the oracular guidance of nature beings, Make Your Body the Prayer is itself an embodiment of the creative attunement through which the “human” bends and shimmers into other shapes of ecological perception, allowing inheritances of ancestral trauma to dissolve into a vital interplay of relational process on behalf of the wider field of life.

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