In 2019, I completed an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with focuses on ecological healing, grief-tending, embodied expression, and the poetic imagination. This MFA included experiential research into embodied practice. I attended a training intensive with Azul Valerie Thome to learn to facilitate Grief Composting Circles and also completed an immersion into the Work that Reconnects as a participant in the 2019 Earth Leadership Cohort. 


I'm currently continuing my studies through an Individualized Masters in Health Arts and Sciences with an Embodiment Studies Concentration, also at Goddard College, in which I am studying clinical discourses of nervous system coherence and trauma healing. I am also currently studying for certification in the Soul-Based Coaching modality developed by Annemiek van Helsdingen after the metaphor-based trauma therapy work of David Grove, which includes body and image tracking as a way to access resources for systemic transformation. I have been learning about nervous system coherence and embodiment processes through studies into polyvagal theory , animist ritual practice with the Ritual as Justice School, and am currently participating in a professional application course with somatic practitioner Liz Koch focusing on core integrity and the bio-intelligent psoas.