for artists experiencing asynchrony

There are those of us who are the weavers, carrying a creative pulse that is our form of expression on behalf of the wider field of life, but because of the irrationally difficult complexity of navigating sensitivity within systems of domination, these intrinsic visions are often partially or completely submerged. There is a part of us that is existing out of time, waiting for the right conditions in which to unfurl.

Alembic is a resourcing program for artists and practitioners who live with illness or neurodivergence that has slowed them down to rhythms that are outside the movements of the dominant culture.

It also supports the circulating of nutrients across relational ecosystems to nourish visionary collective projects that are difficult to bring into tangibility within structures of capitalism and colonization.

The seeding of a Wyrd Economic Structure that will refine itself over time, Alembic is currently based on invitation and mycelial relationship, and will involve contributions of Relational Field Consulting and visibility within the Mundane Mycelium for guest artists and projects who resonate with this vision.