Vibe Checking the Mundane Mycelium?

come to a free playspace to see how it feels to you...

Reasons to attend a Low-Key Vibes Mycelium Hangout:

You just talked to a tree and weren’t even surprised when it replied.

You have become energetically porous to the whole of reality and don't know where your edges are anymore.

Your ancestors were assholes and you wish you could go to a support group that understood this.

You don’t know how to feel anything and also you feel everything everywhere way too much all the time.

Your cosmic insight wants to be embodied.

Time to bring all your animist questions and creaturely wonderings about energetic sensitivity, creative visionings, or whatever other habitual patternings within daily life have gotten you all up in a tizzy…

Come hang out in a playspace where we will bring subtle systemic awareness to the underlying patterns and unfurlings while lightly inviting in beneveolent trickster energy and not taking it all so seriously!

This is a shared space for both current mycelium members and also for first-timers who are wanting to vibe check the membership before committing to it.

Expect earnest inquiry, invitations into silliness, and a good dose of the sacred within even the most irritating moments of the mundane.

Hangouts will be recorded and archived within the Mycelium for ongoing practice.