Relational Field Consulting tends the interfaces between visionary creative projects and the humans who are bringing them into being.

You're waiting for something.

That space without need for contortion.

A space to hold the vastness of the dreaming.

Where what you know can be embodied

and can move into form.

Calling in the script in the back of the drawer, the passion project, the epic curriculum, the ancestral dreaming that is woven of collective threads so much older than your life. Calling in the projects that don’t know if they can ever find a home within the industry that defines how your work should be…the projects that feel both vast and primordial in ways that refuse to be compromised by the contortions of commodification.

You may already be deeply skilled in your profession, in the craft of creation, of teaching, or guiding people into other ways of becoming. But there is a part of you that is still waiting for the right conditions to unfurl, a part of you that is connected to a deeper source, to primordial forces of creative intelligence, in ways that are profoundly isolating to the parts of you that are operating within consensus reality.

This work opens a portal into alchemical presence where nothing is put in and yet there is an increasing of the space around you.

Where you can actually breathe more deeply.

Where you can slow down.

Where you don't have to know anymore because you can feel your way through the space and the silence.

Where there’s room for you to exist both in your glorious irrational complexity and in what is immanent beneath all of the noise that is so fucking simple and piercing and true.

There are particular visionary projects coming through right now—stories, maps, and structures that are particularly for these times. They carry an ancient resonance, echoing with the longings of ancestors and ecosystems.

These visionary creations have their own intelligence and agency. They are living organisms, shaped from a wider dreaming. They carry an energy of potentiation and disruption, the ability to destroy and renew, to pierce through distortions of domination into alignment with energetic integrity and maturation.

These visionary projects are in the process of seeding a lived aesthetic that can become a culture—making it tangible, existing in the present moment, allowing people to feel what might become. They will open up other layers of perception and possibility, totally different reality fields to land in, to orient by, as our old realities fall apart.

You are the material your art is shaping into life.

You are essential to your creative process: your wellbeing, your intimacy, your satiation and presence and nourishment.

And it is this deep attunement to the intimacy of your own beingness that allows you to really play.

This work finds the sweet spot between your intimate aliveness and attunment with a wider dreaming.

This is potency.

This is potentiation.

When the creation takes you.

When the spirit of your project wakes up to guide.