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My name is Shante' Sojourn Zenith. I am an artist-facilitator-guide attuning to primordial nourishment through the nervous system, creative expression, and relating to wider ecological bodies of support. My practice weaves together learnings from somatics, animism, constellations, poetics, clowning, grief ritual, and systems intelligence as well as the oracular guidance of ecological beings and deep time ancestors.

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I just started a substack to share Make Your Body the Prayer, the thesis project that I recently finished for my degree in Embodiment Studies. I am also thinking of doing a weekly zoom call aligned with the sharing of each installment for community to be in conversation about what resonates for them and do some somatic and ritual practices together. I’ll be announcing more about that on the substack as well. If you subscribe to the substack, you'll receive weekly installments of my thesis project directly to your email inbox:

Make Your Body the Prayer is a somatic, systemic, and eco-poetic journey tissuing the edge between nervous system and ecosystem. This thesis invites colonially-shaped humans to deepen into a sense of embodied relationality through shifting the epistemology of self to include ecological and ancestral sources of support. Linking nervous system approaches such as interpersonal neurobiology and polyvagal theory with practices around systems intelligence and creative expression, I draw on my direct experiences of relationship with earth, ancestors, and animal body to describe a trans-generational maturational process of remembering. A liminal interweaving of essays, poetry, and the oracular guidance of nature beings, Make Your Body the Prayer is itself an embodiment of the creative attunement through which the “human” bends and shimmers into other shapes of ecological perception, allowing inheritances of ancestral trauma to dissolve into a vital interplay of relational process on behalf of the wider field of life.

Here are some threads that inform my practice:

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After much contemplation and talking with friends and family about the complexity of my health circumstances, I have decided to reach out with a wider ask for community support.. This fundraiser intends to create a “Support Web” to support my medical and rehabilitative costs and buffer my living expenses over the next six months while I puts in place the foundational systems I need to navigate life as a disabled artist-practitioner existing with chronic illness and neurodiversity in an able-ist society.

Especially as someone who has been “high camouflaging” as a neurodiverse person, it feels really edgy to ask for what I need in a cultural context in which so many are struggling and “needs-not-being-met” is the complete and utter baseline of our society.

But what I’m realizing is that for anything to change for me, I do need additional rehabilitative support beyond what I or my family can provide for.The support I need as a disabled human in rehabilitative process is also mirroring the support that this culture is needing in terms of tending calcified patterns ancestral trauma and learning to access somatic nourishment for collective flourishing. Many of the deeply rooted projects that are calling to me are somatic and artistic offerings that are not inherently “money making” but are medicine for tending to the fragmented systems of care within our community body.

I will still also be growing my somatic practice in small group and 1-1 facilitation and consulting, and also designing some other short courses and workshops in future. The baseline needs met by this Support Web will allow me to offer more sliding scale and donation-based options for these aspects of my practice as well since my medical and rehabilitative expenses will have been met in this way.

If you are yourself a practitioner and would like support the flourishing of my artistic-somatic practice, another way to help me right now is to invite me to guest facilitate, collaborate, or consult on existing projects. Invitations such as these are really helpful to me at this time as they allow me to come into an existing structure and offer my practice, with less of a load around the executive function/coordination piece of things.

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