In Weaving the Field, we will draw on animist practices of parallel play to tend the perceptual webbing that allows colonized nervous systems to open to a felt sense of relational support from earth, ancestors, and animal body.

Threads we will be weaving...

  • nervous system nourishing

  • embodied expression

  • ecological perception

  • ancestral attunement

  • systemic constellations

  • dancing with domination fields

  • creative emergence

What's in the membership?

Weaving the Field was created to support people with colonized nervous systems in reconnecting to a felt sense of relationship with earth, ancestors, and animal body.

Attuned to lunar rhythms, the membership will inhabit a cyclical relationship to time, exploring and integrating ecosystemic perception through gentle invitations into embodied practice.

Near each Full Moon, a new somatic invitation will be shared by email, drawing on a theme around ecological belonging. We will then practice with this theme during a live zoom call (offered twice in different time zones) that will have opportunities for group exploration through systemic constellations and other exercises focused on Creative Emergence.

Near the Dark Moon, participants will receive an email with a card from the animist oracle deck and gentle prompts for integration of this moon's theme. We will have another zoom call in this resting and integration time that will be more focused on connecting to Primordial Nourishment and the permission to just be without needing to make anything happen.

For the $50 moon-thly membership, participants will recieve:

  • Email invitations for ecosystemic somatic practice near the Full and Dark Moons

  • Bi-moon-thly live practice sessions over zoom with timing options for US/Europe and US/Oceania

  • A library with archives of guided practice videos including Container as Portal and Trust the Ground, and recordings of all practice sessions from the membership

  • An online community space for sharing experiences and asking questions

  • Discounts on 1-1 coaching packages and the animist oracle deck

Scholarship options are available upon request.

Sign up for a free intro call with Shante' if you'd like a taster of the kind of emergent listening to primal intelligence that we'll be playing with in the membership...

who is this membership for?

  • People with sensitive bodies who are navigating chronic illness or neurodiversity in ways that require them to attune to a layer of presence underneath the pushing through of the dominant culture, who are needing support with deeper relationship to rest and nourishment.

  • Therapists, bodyworkers, and other practitioners who know there’s something more beyond the narrative constraints of colonial “trauma healing,” who are looking for a way to bring ritual practice and connection to nature beings and ancestors into their personal and/or professional practices, and also looking for spaces to express their creativity and access play.

  • Writers and other artists wanting support around their creative process, including any experiences of stuckness that come from relating with wider collective ancestral trauma energies and/or artistic projects channeled from deep time ancestral/ecological sources in ways that are overwhelming to their animal bodies.

three humans on a zoom call holding sweet potatos

"Sweet Potato Veneration Ritual" Peer Practice sessions with some animist playmates!

These three strands of experience are also not separate.

The ideal participants might also be described as...


The first 13 "Grounding Members"who sign up this month will receive a free Animist Oracle deck*.

*for oracle decks mailed outside of the US, additional shipping costs will apply.

If you already have an Animist Oracle deck, you can also choose to have it sent to someone else as a gift.

All "Grounding Memberships" pre-purchased in July will be credited to the first month of the membership when Weaving the Field officially opens on August 1st.

Many of my participants describe the sense that certain aspects of their daily life seem to be irrationally difficult. This is often because they are processing collective trauma energies through their own bodies in ways that include discomfort and identity-dissolving that is not contextualized within dominant culture. With this intensity of experience often comes pervasive loneliness and a deep longing to rest back into wider ecosystemic support and embodied accompaniment from other human-mammals who are traversing similar territories.

As your guide within this landscape, I bring my attunement to group field energies as a neurodiverse human with a sensitive body who is learning to feel the presence of ecosystemic, ancestral, and embodied support.

My practice is rooted in my experience as a theatre creator, grief ritual tender, consultant for creative emergence, systems-poet, and somatic practitioner supporting animal bodies in attuning to primordial nourishment and creative expression.

If membership participants are interested in 1-1 support in applying these practices to an artistic project or other emergent endeavor, I'm offering a limited number of discounted three session packages for:

feedback about Shante's practice from participants and advisors...

"I have a deeper felt sense of being held by the larger field.”

— Patti Gmeiner

Ecosystem Spoons Participant

“Shante’ is attempting to give language to somatic experience that has mostly not been available to colonized humans but that we very much all need access to."

—Lise Weil

Goddard College Faculty Advisor

“Sharing space with Shante' Zenith lets you safely explore all the cracks and crevices within, making space for new insights and intra-relationships you never could have imagined were possible. Our mutual support session had me feeling held in a way that I have not felt with very many practitioners. She knows exactly how to guide your body towards nourishment with her playfulness and gentle curiosity.”

—Scout Rainer Wiley

Oscillator's Stone + Pracitioner-Peer

“Getting to watch your years of process unfold was such an honor and then some; feeling the benefits in my system from the ways you’ve learned to work with yours, there’s something about seeing kinda the before/after/in process that has a particular richness, realness and depth to it… A wonderful warmth washes over me as I watch and listen to you distill, expand and create from this years long process.”

—Kate Munson

Ecosystem Spoons Participant

"The way that you hold space is so juicy. Your energy really set the tone in slowing down time (or maybe opening it up is more accurate) during our groups. Just the way that showed me what is possible to access felt like such a big deal, and that shift in relationship to ecosystems / ourselves / each other carried over for me after our groups like a sweet afterglow. The way you feel out in the moment what the group energy is telling you and where to move to next indicates so much about you as a teacher...It felt/feels like you have ... a really skilled ability to show up honestly, creatively and supportively with yourself and all of us as we all navigate this dance. The value of what you offer is tremendous.”

—Parker Rice

Ecosystem Spoons Participant

"Speaking to the 'colonized body' - a body that has been radically disconnected from cultural practices and ancestral lineages in custodial relationship to place - Shante's work provides resonance, understanding, and sacred somatic engagements that allow our colonized nervous systems to sink back into a soil that Shante' refers to as primordial nourishment.”

—Sarah Van Hoy

Goddard College Faculty Advisor

In Weaving the Field, we will be playing with the six textures of Ecological Belonging that I have encountered in my embodiment research tissuing the edge between nervous system and ecosystem.

"Germination," a painting by Shante' Zenith

The Six Textures of Ecological Belonging are...

CONTACT: Shifting perceptual systems to be able to access a greater web of support from ancestors and ecosystems beyond the human-to-human bubble of relationship.

CHOICE: Basic ease of existing and embodied agency through access to discerning center, modulating the intensity level of energetic phenomena, and sensing into just-right-digestible-amount.

CONNECTION: Co-mammaling with other humans through creating ritual containers to show up in our full ecological selves and co-weave together, reducing social threat and masking, savoring the delicious additional capacity that comes from a group field of presence.

CONTEXT: Differentiating from "emotional-energetic-intensity-blobs" within our felt sense experience and beginning to relate to aspects of our inner systems as "beings," identifying how collective trauma residues and domination fields are entangled with personal experiences of overwhelming threat, calling in support from the wider and older presences of land and ancestors who have capacity to metabolize that charge.

COHERENCE: Growing our own embodied relationship to coherence through harmonizing with wider organizing fields of intelligence, learning how our bodies can become portals into the coherent field of the wider earth nervous system that can support others in attuning to their own sense of discerning center and wise semi-permeable energetic membrane.

CREATIVITY: Access to play and erotic life force, collaborative dreaming with land and ancestors allowing their medicine to flow through us while staying rooted in core essence, following impulses for embodied expression and creative process.

These six themes will form the root system for our learning together as we enter into an embodied exploration of Weaving the Field!

Interested in learning more about my approach to animist practice?