Relational Field Consulting

for Creative Potentiation

There is a primary energetic field from which all life is sourced. This field is a forming consciousness, a weblike structure of relational tissues that are shaping all the patterns of reality.

I am a Relational Field Weaver. My work is Creative Potentiation.

There are particular creations coming through from this field right now, offerings essential to these times— stories, maps, and structures that are their own Creative Organisms, shaped from a wider dreaming. They will open up other layers of perception and possibility, totally different reality fields to land in, to orient by, as our old realities fall apart.

These Creative Organisms are in the process of seeding a new lived aesthetic that can become a culture, setting the template for this possible reality, making it tangible, existing in the present moment, allowing people to feel what might become.

As a Relational Field Consultant, I tend the interfaces between Creative Organisms and the humans who are bringing them into being.

You are essential to your creative process: your wellbeing, your intimacy, your satiation and presence and nourishment. And it is this deep attunement to the intimacy of your own beingness that allows you to really play.

Your creativity doesn't need to be problem solved. The primal honesty of your knowing, the patterns, presences, poetry dreaming through you is not and has never been a problem.

The part of you that is a creator has an exquisite sensitivity to timing. An exquisite sensitivity to when the potency is ready to emerge. The actual embodiment of your expression can never be forced to expose itself.

Potency, actual creative life force, the core of you—exists in its own time. And things can transform, shapeshift, reorganize, become clear in an instant when there is both grounding and sourcing from within this other temporal reality.

You already have everything you need. You are complete and it is the accompaniment of your completeness that you crave, because that is what allows what is immanent within you to emerge.

Let me accompany you in the completeness of what you know, in the fullness of what is wanting to be born through you.

Relational Field Consulting