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Your Oracle is an Ecosystem!


Welcome, friend. As you can see here, each individual card* of the deck can be woven together with the others as a meditative puzzle to experience the entire ecosystem of Long Body Prayers. 

As you are getting to know your deck and finding your own ways of playing with it, I'd love to know what it sparks for you if you want to share anything about your process with it... and this is also a way to join my mailing list if you'd like to hear about about future offerings, including the book of essays that will be companioning the oracle next year.

gathering resonances about the Long Body Prayers oracle...
How long have you been playing with the deck?
How often are you engaging with it?

Thanks for sharing! Blessings on your journey!

*Well, each card except "liminal" which was trickster-touched so its' image got printed sideways by accident...I will remedy this in the next print edition and if anyone really wants the full puzzle experience with "liminal" the right way round, let me know in the form above and I will send you the remedied "liminal" card for your deck when the new edition has been printed.

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