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Mycelial Metaphor is an animist twist on Soul-Based Coaching, a modality which uses emergent metaphor as a way to listen to the fractal ecosystem of your inner world and deepen your awareness of the unique ways your system moves through creative process.

Working with practice clients is the last step for me to get certified in the Soul-Based Coaching modality, which weaves together Annemiek van Helsdingen’s practices of yin listening and space holding with the metaphor mapping “clean language” work of Maori therapist David Grove that later evolved into the fields of Symbolic and Systemic Modeling.

The work of Mycelial Metaphor is fractal, you can zoom in on particular patterns within your own internal ecosystem about how you learn and create, zoom out to relate to the ancestral and ecological forces who support your unfolding, and connect to your own emergent metaphors to guide you on your creative journey. Within Mycelial Metaphor, everything is alive and has its own agency and knowing about the situation. Similar to other forms of systems work like Constellations or resonance-based bodywork, Mycelial Metaphor works on the principle of allowing communication between previously separated parts of a system, creating a distributed network that allows energy to flow to where its needed so that transformation can take place.

I'm looking for 5 practice clients to do three Mycelial Metaphor sessions with between now and early December. My sliding scale is $40-80 and the sessions will be 90 minutes long.

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Thanks for submitting! I will reach out to you to begin the conversation soon.

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