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The Long Body is the gestation of soul, the wider unfolding outside of the human womb. The Long Body is the tree within the seed. The imprint of forest giving birth to new life, the energies and shadows that sustain your remembering, the full cycle—the journey of water gushing forth underground and back to the source. 

A phrase stemming from Haudenosaunee culture, "The Long Body" gestures towards the self as a fractal ecosystem held within ancestral and ecological fields of relationships.


Long Body Prayers is a ritual art project I am creating for my graduate studies into Somatic Animacy. The project consists of a multi-media podcast series through the channeling of nature beings, an animist oracle deck created in collaboration with land, deep time ancestors, and animal body, and a book of essays listening at the edge between nervous system and ecosystem.

The book is currently in process and you can join my mailing list to learn more about it and other ritual offerings. 

Shante' Sojourn Zenith

Shante' Sojourn Zenith

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