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Dancing with Domination Fields is a space to be in creative practice around dissolving the holds that massive bureaucratic and institutional structures have on our nervous systems.  Drawing on the systemic approach that each industrial-complex-trauma-body has its field of energetic pressure that is composed from the unmetabolized attachment and relational woundings of colonial ancestors, we will work with these relational field entities directly by tracing the ways that they hook into our nervous systems. Through creative expression and contact with wider ecosystemic bodies of support, we will begin to play with ways of dissolving and metabolizing the experiences of threat and powerlessness from interfacing with these systems. 


Ideal for folks who are currently experiencing or have unmetabolized experiences of overwhelm/powerlessness/freeze from relating to cultural institutions like “social safety net programs,” insurance companies, and other forms of “fill-in-the-blank” bureaucratic industrial complexes. 

Two options for participation (everyone is still requested to fill out the form below):


1. Drop-in attendance for any of the Saturday group workshops through eventbrite.

(click on the photos to be brought to the eventbrite pages).


2. Participating in the full intensive with a wider range of support nutrients: 


Dates for the full intensive: 


Saturday, April 11, 2pm-5pmCT Group Container: Supporting Stone

Wednesday, April 5, 6:30-8:30pmCT Nourishing Ritual


April 12-14, TBD 1-1 sessions for supporting personal practice


Saturday, April 15, 2pm-5pmCT Group Container: Fluid Field


Wednesday, April 26, 6:30-8:30pmCT Nourishing Ritual

April 26-28, TBD 1-1 sessions for supporting personal practice


Saturday, April 29, 2pm-5pmCT Group Container: Mycelial Mind

Tuition for the full intensive is $450, with payment plans and partial scholarships available. 


Participants will have access to the class recordings via google drive.


Note that some class sessions may need to be rescheduled as Shante' is also living with unpredictable chronic illness.

If you have questions or would like to have a short phone call with me to learn more about the group before applying, you can send an email at earthpoetedgeweaver(at) I'll be doing a few exploratory taster sessions for this exploration in February that you can learn about on my facebook page

You can apply to participate in both the intensive and the drop-ins using the form below. The questions in the form are to get a sense of who will be a good fit for this particular group field since the numbers for the intensive will be kept intentionally small with a max of 6 people, and total group numbers for the Saturday capped at 11 people.

scroll within the box above to get to the end of the form and submit it. 

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