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Nourishing Rituals are a gentle reorienting of awareness towards the impulses for nourishment that are already coming from your system, the subtle possibilities for opening towards ease, towards rest and play, being with the is-ness of what your system is needing to express and embody in this specific moment. 


There is a foundational resourcing and replenishing that can happen though being held in a supportive field of presence that allows you to turn towards the immediate experience of your body, the landscape that is your aliveness. 


Where a Grief Ritual is addressing the backlog of emotions that haven’t had space or support to be expressed within colonized culture, a Nourishing Ritual is meeting the backlog of present moment replenishment and ease from the patterns of pushing through and overriding that shape colonized nervous systems. 


Nourishment has to do with metabolizing. With actually receiving and integrating the nutrients that are present for you. It’s about noticing the Primordial Nourishment that your nervous system has learned to gate out because it wasn’t safe to experience it. 


There are basic skills for sensing and receiving nourishment that colonized nervous systems have learned to brace against and move away from. For so many of us within colonizer culture, we missed the developmental presence of caregivers who were able to rest back into the holding of wider relational fields of support. Parallel to experiences of trauma and harm, the developmental absence of this Primordial Nourishment (which isn’t generated by the adults but comes through their embodied attunement to this quality of presence), creates a fear of dropping in to an actual ease of existing and a mistrust of the present moment impulses of our bodies towards what will replenish us. 


The resting back into the energetic container of a group field, of of felt sense guidance coming from that primordial attunement can allow you to really descend there, to that place of presence and aliveness that can be difficult to drop into without the presence of other rooted nervous systems. 


A Nourishing Ritual is an invitation to the kind of pausing that we have taught to be terrified of within colonial culture. The intention of this space is not to change or fix anything, it is to be with what is moving in our systems, with the is-ness of reality, while also attuning to the support of the wider relational bodies that are nourishing our becoming. 

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