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"You are being offered the gift of your own embeddedness. You are being taught how to belong. Learn how to belong here, on this land. Stay in the relationship. You are part of this remembering, part of this land dreaming, right here, right now. You are given the gift of healing time. Savor, do not accelerate. Your job is to slow down. You will know the next motion out of this deeper stableness, this deeper attunement. You are just beginning to learn the language of receiving. Your roots are beginning to take hold."

—Attunement, from Long Body Prayers, An Animist Oracle

"We have lost access to this singing process that happens in the darkness, the liminal journey through all that is subterranean, implicit, unconscious, and unintegrated."
From "Fruiting Bodies," an essay published in Dark Matter, Women Witnessing
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Emergent explorations informed by nervous system thresholds, metaphor, biointelligent systems, metabolic creative process, intuitive voice and movement, grief tending, and earth-rooted ritual.

Offering one-to-one and group sessions.

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Long Body Prayers is an emergent art project that includes the creation of a podcast, an oracle deck, and a pedagogical process for re-membering the relational root system of support each being is embedded in.

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