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Are you struggling with some aspect of spiritual practice, connection to land and ancestors, or creative process?

Or maybe you’re wondering about an animist perspective on a particular societal pattern or ecological issue?

Why don't you "Ask an Animist"?

ask an animist


I'm an animist practitioner offering mini-sessions to bring an animist perspective to relational/ritual quandaries and questions…

I approach animism through the nervous system, body sensation, creative expression, and tuning into relationship with wider ecological bodies of support. I’m currently working on a thesis project to “describe’ the patterns I’m learning around animist perception and am creating a fledging framework to support colonially-challenged humans such as myself in reconnecting to a felt sense of support from earth/ancestors/original belonging so that they can be in more creative response-ability in the way they engage in relationship. Two main influences for my work are learnings from Animist Arts (Dare Sohei and Larissa Kaul) and Core Awareness (Liz Koch), who share a common focus on connecting to a felt sense of support that can allow for more subtle presence and the metabolization of “threat” without needing to ruminate on trying to “fix the trauma" or find the "peak experience of healing." My practice also weaves together learnings from constellations, poetics, clowning, grief ritual, and systems intelligence as well as the oracular guidance of ecological beings and deep time ancestors.


Menu of response options:

EMAIL RESPONSE: a private email response to your question

($20-40 suggested donation)

PHONE RESPONSE: a private 30ish min phone call about your question

($40-60 suggested donation, limited slots available)

“PUT IT IN THE BASKET”: a public response sometime in 2022 whenever I feel like drawing from the “question basket” and answering the question via Facebook/my blog/email newsletter.

(Free/flexible donation)

Donations can be given via or venmo @ShanteZenith

BONUS OPTION: Give your friend the gift of animism with an “ASK AN ANIMIST VOUCHER” which they can redeem for one of the above options.

(email me at earthpoetedgeweaver(at)

if you’d like to set this up for someone else).

Ask your question through 

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